Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Combines Stained Furniture with French White Furniture

Mixing different types of colors and finishes of furniture in your home is a challenging thing to do. Possible to create a pleasant aesthetic we need to mix the white furniture and stained. However, the difficulties often faced when doing this is to make things interesting by mixing it. If you place the furniture at random, then the results can be scattered and uneven. Here we will provide attractive for mixing tricks that you can do something good in your home produce, and invited many people to see your home. However, you have to prepare something that needed to do this, including:

* Furniture stain.
* Picture frames.
* Throw pillows.

The steps you need to do is as follows:

1. Stain your furniture with the same treatment did not forget to mix and match furniture finished in stained earlier. Because of french style furniture in your room will not be interesting if stained pieces vary too much. Not be exactly alike to create their relevant, which is important to make them quite similar.

2. Avoid too much of one color in your room one by balancing the number of white and stained, because it will make your room seem not well coordinated. You need to add two pieces of white furniture if you have three pieces of stained wood furniture, this is to create a balanced environment.

3. Painting trim with the dominant color in the room is one way to tie the room together. Let the white furniture and stained like that, if the frame had become stained wood color. Paint them with white to match french white furniture, if they have a different tone or color.

4. To make attractive room together, try to add accessories to put the white picture frames or candle holders on your stained wood furniture. Add to this the area rug accessories to enhance the aesthetics of your room.

5. To make your french style furniture or your room more interesting, add all the striking colors like bright orange or bright green. By combining the color of the items in use and placing on setrategis location, will make your room look more attractive.